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How to get money to make a blog

How to make a blog?
Do you know about a blog so we Start's from what is a blog so blog is a website in which we get money.

What is inside of statue of liberty

Hello Guy's,
           Today we will learn about the statue of liberty which is in New York dinner in its hand I think is present in this things you see holein this hole present it is filled with treasurywhen you get a chance to go inside then you make some pictures so you get popular in the world n when you are not able to do a job then thousands mm billions of jobs are come for you so guys don't miss any chance to go Statue of Liberty good bye guys thank you tell me this blog is how you look see me in comment.

How to give happiness to your parents

Hi guy's,
     I know you want to give some happiness to your parents but you can't able to do so guy's you come in a correct place let's we stars.

         To give happiness to your parents so tell to him/his your and your familys past time happy time so do what you are doing.

About time travelling

Hi Guy's
      I am Akash Gupta And you seeing slash Gupta technical so let's start.

      In Today time a very big thing is in the all mind his we can do time travel so a simple thing time is never stop do know so when we want to go in future and past we need speed  like light and this speed now we get in the space in black hole black hole has so high power of gravity so when we are going in black hole we don't know what's in it because who is go in this is can't come so when any one is inside it body is divided into millions parts so by the help of black hole's speed we can able to do time travel I wish we can do time travel in future.

How to do maditaion?

Hi Guy's,
         You want to do maditaion so guys you come in correct place to day we will learn about maditaion so let's Start's.

Maditaion is only can we do in a sound free are maditaion means concentrateand concentrate is only we can do at a noise free area these are some videos on maditaion.
       5 Steps: How to Meditate for Beginners (at Home!)…:    
In this video we can learn five steps to do maditaion thankyou guys good bye we meet again at next question.